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July 25 2018 Pull List Gender Imbalance Report

Jemal’s Pull List Gender Imbalance report! 13 books just by cis-males to 15 inclusive books! 98 cis-male creators to 21 non! Getting better! This week’s 53.57% diverse teams raises the long-term average to 36.24%. And 17.65% non-cis-men boosts the overall creators to 13.87%.

Those are still terrible numbers, but the trendline is SLIGHTLY positive, so I’m practically giddy! And: two non-binary people this week! This week’s book with the least dudes is, of course, Lumberjanes. With the most is Deadpool:Assassin, which I think I’ll drop.

Every Dark Horse, Dynamite, Black Mask and Boom book I got had a woman on board, so good for them! Keep it up! None of the 3 DC and Valiant books had any. Dropping Harbinger Wars 2 and Silencer to correct that in the future.

The only Big Name™️ with a boys’ clubs this week was Garth Ennis, and honestly, I don’t expect any better. May drop A Walk Through Hell.

Kelly Thompson’s “Mr. & Mrs. X” is out, and it’s great! If you like Rogue and Gamibit, this follows up on “Rogue & Gambit,” also great.

Meanwhile “Modern Fantasy” #2 is out and it’s a delight. They finally get the quest Sage has been dreaming of but cops are disappointing.

New to me this week was “We Are The Danger” a very fun book about getting the band together, and revenge! Lots of fun.

Blackwood #3 is out and I just realized it’s a 4-issue limited series. Hope this magical college and its cursed students get an ongoing.

Caveats: my spotty research (sorry); gender binary sucks; no covers/no backups; only writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers. 

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This Week's Books

Titles in bold are new #1s and a 👍 indicates a book with a least one non-cis-male creator. Numbers in parentheses are the total non-cis-male and total cis-male creators.

* This week contains archive data which does not catalog individual books.

This Week's Stats

  7/25/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 16 (55%) 4032 (53%)
All Books 29 7550
Non-cis-male Creators 24 (19%) 7157 (20%)
All Creators 124 35805

* This week contains archive data, so these charts are incomplete.

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