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I’m Jemaleddin Cole, but I go by “Jemal” for obvious reasons. I live in Baltimore, MD with my wonderful wife, spectacular son and dazzling daughter. Because my wife is an environmental economist, I think about incentives and worry about climate change. Because my son is autistic, I have a lot to say about fact-based treatment. Because my daughter is a sophomore in college, I worry that my hair is going gray faster than I can pull it out. I was born in 1974 which makes me…29 years old.

I work as a senior developer for a small consulting company, and split my days between meetings, Nova and Figma. I do most of my programming in PHP and Javascript, and a shocking number of my projects have been analysis instead of programming lately. Like all good programmers my age I like my servers to run Linux, my laptop to be a Mac and my phone to start with an “i”. I don’t take on freelance projects, but I know some folks I can recommend.

I’m an avid fan of mixed martial arts, a devoted comics reader, and frequent maker of stuffed animals for children. What? Yeah, I don’t get it either. But the upside is that it’s not unusual to see me watching a UFC event on pay-per-view in a Hulk t-shirt while making a sock monster.

In my copious spare time, I maintain a tiny network of tiny sites:

And I host and help maintain a couple Wikis for podcasts I like:

I’m easy to contact - email jemal@jemal.co and I’ll get it. I’m on Twitter if you want to read smaller chunks of what I have to say, and if you want to find me on any given social network, search for jemaleddin.

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