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August 1 2018 Pull List Gender Imbalance Report

Jemal’s Pull List Gender Imbalance Report! 18 all-cis-dude comics to 5 with gender diversity! 81 cis-men to a mere 13 non-cis-men. Bad! That pulls the trendline for diverse comics down to an average of 37.82%, but total creators remains pretty steady overall at 13.87%. Small weeks like this aren’t hugely important to the numbers, but 21.74% book-diversity is a huge drop off from last week’s 53.57%.

Let’s call out some people! Mark Waid is still doing Ant-Man and the Wasp, a book mostly about Nadia Pym, and entirely created by men.

Steve Orlando is a good guy and The Unexpected is shaping up to be a good book, but the creative team is a sausage party.

Ta-nehisi Coates is an inspiration and Leinil Francis Yu is a legend, but Captain America is still a boy’s club on their watch.

Good stuff! The Ms. Marvel/Squirrel Girl team-up Marvel Rising is 4 to 4, with women writing, drawing and coloring. And it’s super fun!

Only 2 books had men out-numbered, The Wilds and Shade the Changing woman. I’m new to the former and sad to see the latter ending.

The “Bruce Wayne in Jury Duty” run is still going, and Bettie Breitweiser’s colors are still fantastic. Hope @DCComics keeps her around!

Last, Bloodstrike Brutalists may be 100% male-created, but you can’t be mad at solo-writer-artist-editor Michel Fiffe for being all man.

I dropped all the books I threatened to drop last week and may drop other books and publishers based on lack of gender representation.Black Mask is a publisher working hard to promote diversity, and I keep getting and loving more of their books! Image has a great legacy of supporting creators, but they’re still mostly publishing men. Some of that is the creators’ choice, but…?

I’m going to start linking to my spreadsheet - I think I set it to view only - please don’t break it.

Caveats: my spotty research (sorry); gender binary sucks; no covers/no backups; only writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers.

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This Week's Books

Titles in bold are new #1s and a 👍 indicates a book with a least one non-cis-male creator. Numbers in parentheses are the total non-cis-male and total cis-male creators.

* This week contains archive data which does not catalog individual books.

This Week's Stats

  8/1/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 8 (31%) 4032 (53%)
All Books 26 7550
Non-cis-male Creators 18 (18%) 7157 (20%)
All Creators 101 35805

* This week contains archive data, so these charts are incomplete.

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