Get Involved

I hear what you're saying: so what? So the industry is bad and full of dudes and not keeping up with the world around it? What are we supposed to do?

Here are some things you could do:

  • Track your own purchases. If you're a regular reader of comics, do what I do and keep track of what you're buying. Is it all dudes? Why is it all dudes?
  • Be mindful of your spending. If you say you want more women in the industry, are you supporting the women who are already there? Use your money to show the industry what you want
  • Share your findings. You don't have to set up a site to track all of this, but you could put yourself on blast on Twitter the way I do. And tell me about it!

What if you're a pro? You might be a writer looking for an illustrator, or an editor that needs a letterer. Whatever the case, Eisner Award-nominated writer Kelly Sue Deconnick has you covered. Each year she puts out a call and compiles a list of women in the industry. Current and prior lists are available to any hiring professional in the publishing industry free of charge at any time. Fill out the contact form on her website to request access. 

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