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July 11 2018 Pull List Gender Imbalance Report

Jemal’s pull list gender imbalance report: 13 books with just men, 15 with at least 1 non-cis-man. Overall: 96 men to 23 non-cis-men. This week has the highest proportion of books with non-cis-men on board (53%) and the second highest proportion overall (19.3%).

Important clarification: I always point out that the gender binary is a trash-wheel, but what I’m really counting is cis-men/non-cis-men. The point of all this is to shine a light on underrepresented groups via a (lousy) gender filter, so it’s easier to say men/women. And to be honest, gender diversity is so poor that we’re steady at 13.7% non-cis-men, almost all of whom identify as women. I haven’t (to my knowledge) tracked a book by a trans man, but while trans men ARE men, I’ll count them as non-cis-men. No disrespect! If I’ve not been clear about that, it’s partly my commitment to brevity. #140club4life Sorry. I’ll try to be clearer. I already have a number of non-binary folks (dozerdraws!) and trans women (Mags!) on my pull list, and am looking for more. Speaking of…

This week I finally got my copy of Submerged by @definitelyvita, @lisa_sterle, @Stella_di_A and Rachel Deering. Stoked to check it out!

The only other zero-cis-men book out is Nancy Drew #2, and you know I love that good-good @79semifinalist stuff. Issue #1 was great!

On to the bad! Most books with women had in fact “woman.” None of the books with multiple women were from @Marvel or @DCComics. Boo!

This week @BRIANMBENDIS kicks off his run on Superman still with an all-male crew. He knows better, right? He can do better.

Mark Waid’s book this week is Archie with @AudreyMok art and @wastedwings coloring so you know he knows great women! Tell Marvel, Mark!

(Question: what other writers and artists do you think are big enough to deserve being called out for all-male teams?)

Rodent-themed books that once employed women: Rat Queens & Squirrel Girl are great, but stories about women without women? ????

I didn’t get a book that looked really good but had no women creators called She Could Fly. Could she draw? Could she letter? Color? It’s getting hard for me to pick up books with all-male teams without a character, writer, or artist I already like.

I really should catalog this stuff more thoroughly, but it’s more work than I’d like, and it’s not like I can buy everything. Is it possible to get this info out of (or into) one of the big online comics databases? Expand to cover race, country of origin, etc?

Let me know any books you recommend with diverse creative teams! I’m archiving all these as twitter moments on my profile. Caveats: my spotty research (sorry); gender binary sucks; no covers/no backups; only writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists, letterers. 

[Old posts are just recaps of my tweets.]

This Week's Books

Titles in bold are new #1s and a 👍 indicates a book with a least one non-cis-male creator. Numbers in parentheses are the total non-cis-male and total cis-male creators.

* This week contains archive data which does not catalog individual books.

This Week's Stats

  7/11/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 16 (55%) 4032 (53%)
All Books 29 7550
Non-cis-male Creators 27 (22%) 7157 (20%)
All Creators 124 35805

* This week contains archive data, so these charts are incomplete.

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