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Well, the numbers are bad and I should feel bad. A bunch of new and returning series were out this week - nine number ones! Five of those had some gender diversity, but the numbers are grim. I got a couple books I had been thinking of dropping, so that’s on me.

But enough bad news, what’s good?

  • Margaret Atwood has a new book out because I guess she’s tired of kicking ass in prose and on TV. Excited to see where War Bears goes.
  • Jason Aaron’s run on Avengers has begun its second arc and somebody found some ladies to work on it! I don’t think he noticed my complaints, but Jason if you did, have Sara Pichelli draw me into a crowd scene!
  • The first Sandman spin-off/extension/zombie series of serieses kicks off today with Bilquis Evely on art for The Dreaming, and fans of American Gods are probably super confused. (The timeline doesn’t work out.)
  • Two more of Bendis’ Jinxworld books are out and both have women colorists. Brian seems like such a nice guy, and I’d love to see him use his new DC imprint to spotlight some more women. 

But it’s not all good:

  • Books that are fundamentally about women keep getting made by all-male teams: Ant-Man & the Wasp, Doctor Aphra and Paper Girls are all great books, but there really ought to be a lady somewhere on the team one of these days.
  • Marvel, the publisher I buy the most from, only managed a gender diverse team on one of the ten books I bought this week. Image went 0 for 4. Aftershock who advertises their diversity on the back of their books, 0 for 2. It’s important to remember that isn’t all of the books that came out, but look at my pull list for yourself - what am I missing?

See you next week!

This Week's Books

Titles in bold are new #1s and a 👍 indicates a book with a least one non-cis-male creator. Numbers in parentheses are the total non-cis-male and total cis-male creators.

This Week's Stats

  9/5/2018 All Time
Gender-diverse Books 8 (31%) 4032 (53%)
All Books 26 7550
Non-cis-male Creators 11 (10%) 7157 (20%)
All Creators 106 35805

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