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When I took a job at Fastspot, I expected a lot of things. I knew the company did great work, and I knew that their developers had the most thoughtful front-end experiences. What I did not expect was to spend so much of my life listening to emo.

But my coworkers, bless their hearts, love the stuff. And when After Laughter came out, we started playing it on the office Sonos, pretty much all the time. And WOW. I'd been in a real New Wave mood and all of a sudden there's this dark, fun, depressing emo album that sounds like the best New Wave you've heard in 30 years. Amazing! The next thing you know, I'm a fan.

Stats for Paramore in 2022:

  • Songs: 2
  • Combined Length: 00:08:51

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72 Ain't It Fun Paramore ▶️
96 Fake Happy Paramore ▶️

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