Untold Tales

So I have all these stories that I tell all the time, and it occurs to me that I’ve never blogged them. So here’s the first of what might end up being a series.

A while back I was carrying Jared into his bedroom to put him to bed. He was sort of sitting on my hips facing me and rocking back and forth. Right as we went through the door he leaned way over to his right and smacked the back of his head on the door frame. I pulled him upright and set him down on the bed saying, “Oh Jared! I’m sorry I whacked your head!”

“You whacked me?” he asked.

“Yes, Jared, but it was an accident.”

“Okay, I whack you.” With that, he hauled off and slugged me in the neck with a right roundhouse that knocked me from a kneeling position all the way to flat on the floor. Honestly, my head was spinning, and I realized that we REALLY had to spend some time talking to Jared about what an accident is, and that while a lot of people say that martial arts are good for kids with autism, Jared doesn’t need any help learning how to throw a punch.

And from now on, if Jared hits his head, I’ll tell him, “YOU whacked your head!”

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