Hi again

If you’re reading this, I’ve set up another blog on another domain. What was wrong with the old ones? Nothing, really. They didn’t do anything wrong. It was me, not them.

My old blog had entries going back to times when my life was very different. And while I don’t have any negative feelings about those days, it was hard to overcome the emotional baggage that all those entries brought with them and actually do any writing. My Tumblr site was fine, but nobody really seemed interested in my particular collection of memes and snippets. I find Tumblr to be pretty insular, and I never found the right way in.

In fact, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start another blog at all, but I kept finding myself wanting to make points that don’t fit into 140 characters. I guess I like picking fights online and need more room to throw metaphorical punches.

I’ve started going through my old writing and importing entries that I still like, so all entries before this are probably really old. All of the entries that provided context for them are gone, so I’m trying to pick things that stand alone or form part of a self-contained group.

I turned off every mention of comments I could find this time around. It’s not that I don’t want to hear what people have to say. I’m certain that you have great things to add. I just want this space to be about slightly longer-form writing than the sort of drive-by opinion-dumping that passes for discussion in comments. It’s not like I’m hard to contact if you want to give me a piece of your mind.

This will, if everything goes as planned, be the last entry about blogging - the most common and least interesting topic on the Internet. I hope you find something to enjoy around here.

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